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The Worshipful Life community is a host of people whose hearts and minds are connected in the pursuit of God centred, Jesus glorifying, Holy Spirit empowered worship. WE are the Church of Jesus Christ, seeking to advance the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Worship is our focus, our pursuit and our call.

NO resource will ever take the place of an encounter with the living God.  The power and presence God is the key to renewal in our churches. However:

  • With inspiration we are energized
  • With resources we are equipped
  • With encouragement we are strengthened and spurred on
  • With education we are grounded in the foundational truths of our faith and life
  • With a network we are connected. Together, we can do more. Joined with other members of the body, our community can learn from each other, be strengthened, and inspired through what others are doing.

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A vibrant and encouraging worshipper's network and a plentiful, equipping resource library at your fingertips. A great resource FOR the Church BY the Church.






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